Mongolia, Asia & Middle East

05.08.2024 - 14.08.2024

9 days  Private Guided Tour, first week of August 2023

Starting from 7840 euro per person

(šī ir privāta programma, pieejama jebkuram skaitam ceļotāju)


On arrival met by your private guide and driver.  Transfer to the hotel in Ulan Bator - Shangri-la Hotel which is the only five-star property in the city and within walking distance of Sukhbaatar Square and the parliament building, over-looking the Choijin Lama Temple Museum and nearby best restaurants and shops. Arriving in time, we suggest a walk to nearby Sukhbaatar Square.   For an orientation briefing of the lay out of the city and the parliament buildings with Genghis Khan statues.

Accommodation & meal plan: Shangri-la Hotel /no meals


Visit the National Museum of Mongolia followed by the Gandan Monastery to feel Mongolia culture. Gandan is the most lively buddhist monastery in Mongolia.  Mongols follow the yellow hats lineage of Lamaism mostly, with its supreme leader HH Dalai Lama.  There is strong religious affinity with Tibet. Have lunch at a local restaurant, then continue to Bogd Khan Winter Palace.  Bogd Khan was the theocratic leader of Mongolia until 1924, when he passed away.  At the time, the Bolshevik leadership decided the reincarnations were to be discontinued.

Accommodation & meal plan: Shangri-la Hotel /B L

Day 3:  To South Gobi 

Pick up at the hotel for your private transfer to the domestic airport. Fly 1½ hours to Dalanzadgad/DLZ in South Gobi. On arrival drive across Gurvansaikhan Mountains and continue for a total of 240 km (4-5 hrs) to the west, on the south side of this east/west mountain range. Until Hongor Sands. These giant sand dunes stretch for some 150 km from northwest to southeast. Up to 80 m high, they are a couple of hundred meters wide in some places, and as wide as 20 km in others. We will explore the surrounding area and relax in our 360° camp, set up for great views to these dramatic sand dunes.

Accommodation & meal plan: 360° Wilderness Ger Camp/BLD

Day 4:  Hongor Sands 

Full day exploration around Hongor Sands.  There is also a possibility to meet local nomadic families with their livestock.  Drive south to Zöölöön Mountain range, and hike through the mountain valleys. Possibly meet Mongolia nomads here.   Visit the dunes in the evening light when their beautiful shapes come out best. 

Accommodation & meal plan: 360° Wilderness Ger Camp/BLD

Day 5: To Bayanzag 

Drive 120 km to the east to Bayanzag. On the prairie, we will probably see some wildlife, such as Goitered Gazelles (Gazella subguttorosa) and Foxes.  The name Bayanzag translates to 'Rich in Saxaul', indicating the 'forests' of salt-resistant Saxaul trees (Haloxylon) growing here. The main attraction, though, are the "Flaming Cliffs", made famous by American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews, who discovered the first fossilized dinosaur eggs here in the early 1920s. The name alludes to the red and orange hues that come together to create an awe-inspiring sight, especially at sunset.

Accommodation & meal plan: Three Camel Lodge/BLD


Day 6: Yol Valley  

We drive 90km to the core of the Gurvansaikhan Mountains and up into the Yol Valley. We will explore this dramatic ravine on foot. Bird-watching is rewarding here as you are sure to see the Bearded Vulture, also known as Lammergeier (Gypaetus barbatus), soaring high above the ravine. Yol is the Mongolian name for this large raptor.  There are also rare Wallcreepers (Tichodroma muraria) here.  The ravine is usually teeming with pika (Ochotona spp). 

Accommodation & meal plan: Three Camel Lodge/BLD

Day 7:  To Hui Doloon Hudag

Transfer 1½ hours to the local airport at Dalanzadgad, for the return domestic flight to Ulan Bator. Met at the airport to transfer for one hour to the Hui Doloon Hudag plains. We will enjoy very large modernized posh gers, with windows and a terrace. Free to relax at the resort, or venture off somewhere with your guide. 

Accommodation & meal plan: HS Khaan Ger Resort /B


Today, drive for less than an hour south to Hustai, the west side of the national park and meet with herders and community members. We will enjoy a local lunch of traditional buuz and hushuur, prepared by the hosts, who are partners in conservation work at Hustai.  Continue the drive to the center of the park to do a game drive Wapiti Deer (Cervus canadensis) and Przewalskii Horses (Equus  ferus przewalskii), the latter called Takhi in Mongol language.  The Takhi has a remarkable story here, as this truly wild horse is more related to zebras than horses. Not ridable, and it became extinct in the 1960s. The Takhi population in Mongolia today, is the result of an airbridge from zoo parks across the world, to release them in their homeland. We will have dinner at Hustai National Park restaurant   before returning to Hui Doloon Hudag.  Accommodation & meal plan: HS Khaan Ger Resort /BLD

Day 9: FLY OUT

Transfer to the international airport 2 hours and fly out to your next destination.  Meal plan: /B



  • English-Mongol speaking guide during all the tour.
  • All overnights in double occupancy - deluxe room in Shangri-la Hotel, double occupancy deluxe ger at Three Camel Lodge, double occupancy 360 wilderness ger camp and double occupancy ger at HS Khan Resort.
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers one for group.
  • All local transport by bus in UB and by jeeps 3 guest’s per jeep in countryside.
  • Lunch/dinners as per itinerary.
  • Beverages are inclusive for 360 camp.
  • Entrance fees to national monuments and national parks.
  • Domestic flight tickets.  Domestic flight luggage check-in allowance is 20 kg inclusive.
  • Consultation by an Infectious Diseases Specialist, travel medicine or vaccination specialist.


  • International flights
  • Visa
  • Any other meals not mentioned as included
  • Expenses of personal nature (telephone, tips, laundry and porterage, etc.)
  • All beverages unless stated otherwise
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extra arrival and departure meet and great