Zornitza Family Estate

Wine and food hotel

Melnik, Bulgaria, Europe


Zornitza Family Estate is located in the heart of the Melnik region, famous for its production of red wine. Designed for travellers who want to taste not only wine but the history of ancient town of Sandanski which was declared an Archaeological and cultural monument of national importance. Guests may relax at the Zoma spa which provides traditional treatment and handmade beauty products while observing mountains and sand cliffs. A place to try wine therapy with the view over the Slavyanka mountains. Great for a family vacation or a wellness holiday.

Rooms: 22

Opening year: 2016


  • Using thermal water for heating; solar energy for electricity
  • Created irrigation channel system that brings water from the melting of the snow and from the rain in the mountain
  • Implementing green houses in order to produce own vegetables
  • Built eco farm that supplies property with meat, milk, eggs, cheeses; made honey bee hives and produce honey on spot

Community interactions:

  • Hiring people from the community and providing them with specific training in order to comply with the high operational standards of the company
  • Participating in the local community internship programs such as local schools, and colleges
  • Organizing tours in the areas where it is possible to support the local business - restaurants, shops, local sightseeing, monasteries

Certifications: not yet

Management: local owner, local management