Vienna State Opera
The core of Vienna's musical reputation.

Vienna, Austria, Europe

The Vienna State Opera was completed in 1869. The opening premiere performance was Don Giovanni, by Mozart, and the Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) were both in attendance. The opera is one of the busiest in the world producing 50 to 60 operas per year and ten ballet productions in more than 350 performances. It is not unusual to find a different opera being put on each day of a week. The opera’s architectural history is mixed: from disagreements regarding the original stylistic inspiration, to money issues, to WWII bombing and reconstruction, the building now is a monumental testament to its rich history. Pass from the grand staircase and foyer to other parts rebuilt in a more utilitarian style and soak up the rich history. The opera house still continues to make history, by inviting one contemporary artist per year to design their stage curtain. In 2012, it was David Hockney. Inside and out, the Vienna State Opera has continued relevance and is one of the leading contributors to Vienna’s reputation as world classical music capital. More information here: