The Pompidou Centre

A modern, cultural multiplex.

Paris, France, Europe

The Pompidou Centre is a multidisciplinary cultural centre which opened in 1977 and is now considered an iconic part of Paris cultural life. The centre incorporates a public reading library, a centre for new music (IRCAM) and, most famously, the largest collection of contemporary art in Europe. After a reorganisation in 1992 the museum now boasts a varied programme of live performance, film screenings, lectures, symposia and debates, and houses one of the most impressive collections of architecture and design in the world. It is not, however, only the contents of the building that are impressive. The structure with its famous escalators and exposed piping attracts enough attention in itself. It started out as a love-hate relationship (or “love at second sight” as the National Geographic described it) with some comparing the building to an oil refinery or a monster, whilst others hailed it as an architectural masterpiece. Come judge for yourself! More information here: