The Castle Baroque Theater in Český Krumlov

Step back in time in Český Krumlov Castle.

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, Europe

The Castle Theatre in Český Krumlov is located inside Český Krumlov Castle in the Czech Republic. The very first history of the theatre can be traced back to the late 15th century, but it has changed its location within the castle several times. It exists in its current location, inside the fifth courtyard, since 1682, but was completely redesigned in 1766. At this time new stage and decoration mechanisms were put in place, and new wall paintings, ceiling murals, curtains and wings were created by the Viennese painters Hans Wetschel and Leo Märkl. It is in this state that it still exists – a perfect embodiment of Baroque style and the oldest preserved in the world. Visiting the theatre is a full experience – you can access it by crossing a baroque bridge over the castle’s moat. If this isn’t enough to bring you into the baroque mood, then the theatre inside still maintains period conditions – wooden benches and candlelight. More information here: