Teatro Farnese

A beautiful example of Renaissance artistry.

Parma, Italy, Europe

One of the most beautiful theatres of the Renaissance the Teatro Farnese is located in Parma, Italy. The theatre is partially built to replicate a stadium – it is long and narrow, surrounded by U-shaped bleachers and seats an impressive 4,000 people. The orchestra was not used for audience seating but is reserved for the arena. Inaugurated in 1628, the theatre’s structure is made of wood covered in stucco faux marble. It has an uneven history and was left empty for a long time, then had a short-lived rebirth before being bombed during WWII. It was kept inactive performance-wise, open only to visitors, until Verdi’s Falstaff was staged in 2011. Its musical future is still under discussion, but regardless, this gem is worth a visit. More information here:http://www.bolognamagazine.com/content/farnese-theatre-teatro-farnese-parma