Sunset Sunside
A perpetual desire to continue to discover new musicians and new musical trends close to jazz.

Paris,France, Europe

Located in the heart of Paris, it is at the request of several musicians, regulars of the restaurant that in 1983 the owner is persuiaded to transform the trendy American basement bar with its vaulted cellars, great acoustics and an intimate audience, into a jazz club. 
Becoming more international, The Sunset becomes the rite of passage for American musicians on tour in Europe. One evening, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock arrive at the club and salute the friendly and generous atmosphere of the place.  Over the years, it becomes the most popular Parisian jazz club, appreciated also for the quality of its welcome and its programming. Thus, one night later, Wynton Marsalis stayed until the early morning for a frenzied jam session led by "house" musicians, the Belmondo brothers. By 2001, Sunset is now dedicated to electric jazz, electro-jazz and world music. The Sunside is dedicated to acoustic jazz. Sunset and Sunside form a unique complex in Europe with two clubs open 7 days a week with two concerts every night. More information here: