Song Saa Private Island

Private island resort

Koh Rong Archipelago,Cambodia, Asia & Middle East


Song Saa is a sanctuary where mindful travelers can actively engage in wellness and conservation initiatives. Located on a tiny island in the heart of Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago, within the pristine waters of a marine reserve. It is an idyllic destination for romantic getaways or enriching family retreats.

Rooms: 24

Opening year: 2012

 Last renovation: 2022


  • Initiated Cambodia's first-ever island-based solid waste management program.
  • Resort's restaurants integrate locally sourced foods (85%)  maintaining transparency in sourcing and track their carbon footprint which they are mapping at the moment.
  • Using energy-saving appliances and encouraging proactive energy conservation among staff and guests
  • Recognized for establishing the one of the largest Marine Park in Southeast Asia, dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the marine environment, as well as ensuring food abundance and livelihood for locals.

Community interactions:

  • Established Song Saa Foundation to support the local community and environment, focusing on community health and well-being, education, and marine conservation. The support of local livelihoods, through the promotion of an organic agriculture scheme.
  • Song Saa coordinate the most extensive health and education program across the Kingdom's islands.
  • "Sala Song Saa" experience, where guests can join Song Saa Conservation team for a tour of Prek Svay village on the neighboring island.
  • Boat of Hope and Library of Hope, delivering essential services to local villages across the archipelago.

Certifications: B-Corp certified

Management: International owner. Local and international management