Sasakwa Lodge

Safari lodge

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa


Sasakwa Lodge is located in northern Tanzania, in the western corridor of Serengeti National Park. Elegant Edwardian manor house have panoramic views, where Africa’s “Big Five” roam the plains below Sasakwa - these animals include the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinos. In case you want to be actively engaged in local community life you can choose one of the activities: community visits or anti-poaching observation post visits.

Rooms: 11

Opening year: 2006

Last renovation: September 2020, and refreshed on a continual basis. 


  • Installation of rainwater harvesting tanks that have the capacity to store 855,000 litres of rainwater for day-to-day operations.
  • Using the support of locals and tourists, managed to transform a piece of land previously dominated by illegal hunting, rampant wildfires and invasive vegetation into a 350,000 acres unique ecosystem. One way to achieve that was to offer locals a market for produce that is created or generated locally. This initiative has determined previous poachers to go into farming, and has therefore determined the local community to see the lodge as a positive partner rather than someone who is borrowing access to the resources they use.
  • Accommodation charges a per person per night carbon offset levy. The levies are tracked, and equivalent carbon credits purchased from a regional accredited carbon credits provider. The carbon credit providers invest these funds in projects that mitigate carbon emissions. This effectively provides the guest with a carbon-neutral stay.

Community interactions:

  • Community Culinary School (SCCS) was established to nurture the talent of young chefs from the local communities. Admission into the programme is competitive and graduates emerge with highly sought-after skills and strong employment prospects.
  • Sourcing as much food as it can locally and supporting the initiation of projects that can further increase local sourcing. The lodge place great emphasis on their farm-to-table approach. The use of fresh, seasonal produce is one of the most important elements of the enticing daily menus.

Certifications: One Planet Living

Management: local owner, local management