Royal Albert Hall
An imposing ode to the arts.

London, UK, Europe

The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall in London, perhaps best known as the location of the Proms concerts which are held annually since 1941. The building is impressive with a great glass and wrought-iron dome roof, and a long mosaic frieze, depicting The Triumph of Arts and Sciences which wraps around it. Since the hall’s opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, the world's leading artists from many performance genres have appeared on its stage and it has become one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings. Named after her late husband, Prince Albert, the location is today a busy hub of the arts. Each year, an approximate 390 shows are staged in the main auditorium (rock and pop concerts, ballet, opera, film screenings with live orchestra, and banquets, amongst others). Despite their broad repertoire, any classical music concert here will be worth your while. More information here: