Rincón del Socorro

Rustic wilderness lodge

Corrientes, Argentina, South America


Rincón del Socorro is a 12,000-hectare former cattle ranch - estancia on the edge of the Iberá wetlands in north eastern Argentina that has been made into a nature reserve. There is a wide range of activities for those who admire nature to dive deeper into birdwatching and wildlife exploration with nocturnal drives, horse riding, hiking and biking.

Rooms: 11

Opening year: 2005

Last renovation: 2022


  • There are no air conditioning installations due to the elimination of carbon dioxide, the buildings are cool enough to be able to shelter guests from high summer temperatures
  • All staff houses separate organic waste to be reused as compost for the organic garden (from which the restaurants and staff are supplied). As for inorganic waste, it is sorted, cleaned and collected in a deposit and then, when there is sufficient quantity, sent to a recycling plant
  • Making supplies purchases, trying to look for suppliers that sell products or food in bulk, precisely to avoid unnecessary waste

Community interactions:

  • Working actively with a nearby place inhabited by approximately 100 people belonging to 20 families, whose name is Paraje Uguay. The family has lived there for several generations and currently participates in tourist activities such as telling the history of the village, of the families, teaching how to spin raw wool and weave fabrics. For each activity carried out, this family benefits economically since providing tourist service
  • The lodge has a souvenir shop selling locally made handicrafts. The products are purchased from local artisans located in different parts of the Iberá Marshlands for all those guests who often do not know or cannot have access to these handicrafts in any other way

Certifications: no

Management: local owner, local management