Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

Bright, white and light, a dazzling opera house on the edge of the Mediterranean.

Valencia, Spain, Europe

A marvel of engineering, the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia, Spain, is located in the City of Arts and Sciences designed by architect and Valencia-native, Santiago Calatrava. The complex is on the mouth of the Turia River, which is now dry and has been turned into a pedestrian passage from the old city to the edges of the Mediterranean. The building of the Palau contains both an opera and a symphonic concert hall, and suits the Mediterranean atmosphere – it has a dazzling white façade made of raw white concrete, and its edifice is covered by a feather-shaped structure, supported at only two points and lending the building a feeling of lightness. The scale of the building is awe-inspiring and the sculptural outlines evoke organic shapes – it has over the years alternately been compared to a fish, a boat and a warrior’s helmet. What does it look like to you? More information here: