NIHI Sumba

Legendary beach resort

East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Asia & Middle East


NIHI Sumba is where wilderness meets wellness to create a special experience for conscious and mindful travellers. It has 177 hectares of tropical forest, rice terraces and grasslands wrapped around the stunning 2.5km long Nihiwatu beach which makes it ideal for family or honeymoon holidays.

Rooms: 27

Opening year: 1998

Last renovation: 2018, refreshed continually 


  • Implemented waste centre and successfully reduced from 1 truck a day to 1 truck every 10 days to the landfill. Also, their goal is to involve local communities to collect plastic and exchange it for rice
  • Working closely with the trusted parrot foundation to support with a breeding and release program for both the endangered golden crested cockatoo and the eclectus parrot. These species are native to Sumba but due to illegal wildlife trade, now have dangerously low numbers
  • Running own compost centre for all the green waste. All straws are from Papaya leaves stems and 100% one-time use and recyclable, banana leave wrappers for most food wrapping, banana leave liners for waste bins – No plastic

Community interactions:

  • Created Sumba Foundation to lessen the consequences of poverty on the island. Aim is to provide humanitarian aid through village-based projects that measurably impact local health by establishing access to clean water, creating educational programs, and lessening the effects of Malaria
  • Opened Hotel School for local children to get education with implementation of the solar panel farm and water treatment system that allows school to be self-sufficient and present the campus as a model of conservation and green energy throughout the island. In addition, guests can volunteer at any of their facilities as well as teach English in school

Certifications: EARTH CHECK 

Management: international owner, local management