La Scala
Lively engagement and spectacular design makes La Scala stand out.

Milan, Italy, Europe

The world-renowned opera house, La Scala, was built in Milan in 1778. It was founded under the patronage of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and was designed by the great neoclassical architect Giuseppe Piermarini. The exterior areas are dizzying. Instead of a single grand staircase as in other opera houses, La Scala has a maze of staircases to bring spectators to their boxes which also each have their own coat check. Music is, naturally what La Scala is best known for, and the theatre has hosted premieres of such masterpieces of Italian opera as Verdi’s Nabucco, Pucicini’s Madama Butterfly and Turandot. Much of the atmosphere at La Scala has always been provided by its colourful audiences – the crowds don’t hesitate to express their approval or disproval of singers or conductors. This tradition continues today and adds to the unique experience that is La Scala. More information here: