Kisawa Sanctuary

Marine sanctuary resort

Benguerra Island Inhambane, Mozambique, Africa


Kisawa is a 300-hectare sanctuary of forest, beach and sand dunes, located on the southern tip of Benguerra Island off Mozambique, on the Eastern coast of Africa. Suitable for soft adventures and longevity retreats, it gives guests the opportunity to enjoy private open-air decks and pools and brings them closer to natural surroundings. Travellers can explore everything the archipelago has to offer or choose multiple marine activities from snorkelling with turtles and reef fish to diving expeditions in cave systems and seamounts. For total relaxation the suggestion will be Natural Wellness centre with all its rituals, therapies and practises to connect body and mind.

Rooms: 11

Opening year: 2021


  • The first property globally to open in tandem with its own marine research centre (BCSS) - Africa’s first permanent ocean observatory. In terms of scientific achievements, this includes everything from discovering new reefs never mapped in 3D, to finding marine species not seen by eye but heard (via hydrophones), to resolving key questions about endangered shark movements. BCSS’ data is multi-purpose and helps to resolve major questions in the region, also providing key technical advice to various stakeholders such as the government to launch climate & fisheries projects and partners to strengthen food security by planning for climate change resilience.
  • Treads a light footprint on the land through new ways of “conscious” construction methodologies. Reduced cement usage up to 60%, by using SureFoot systems (concrete free foundations). Sudpave technology, which uses recycled and non-toxic paving materials, has been implemented to establish the entire road system.
  • Practicing of organic, seasonal gardening methods, operating a zero-waste policy and using no processed ingredients. Has built a network of farmers and producers ensuring fresh local produce daily.

Community interactions:

  • 90% of the operational team from Africa.
  • Tours to visit the local village and school as well as to see the fishing dhows bring in their catch are offered to interested guests by Guest Activities Manager, Querino Huo – who was born on Benguerra Island and has been with Kisawa from the very beginning. Querino and leisure team also teach traditional rock fishing and carving, plus coach guests on learning the local board game Tchuva. The local football game is a favourite for Kisawa families.
  • Also committed to a long term infrastructure upgrades on the island, such as fresh water boreholes and working with the local school and hospital on a monthly action plan.

Certifications: not yet

Management: international owner and local management