Grand Theatre Bordeaux
This impressive classical masterpiece is still a living part of the city.

Bordeaux, France, Europe

A model of classical architectural perfection, the Grand Théâtre in Bordeaux was built in 1780. Decorated in sumptuous blue, white and gold – the colours of royalty – the theatre is now the stage for the Bordeaux National Opera and the Bordeaux National Ballet. Perhaps the theatre’s most notable feature, however, is its impressive stone staircase. It’s impact on classical arts is profound – it was in this theatre that the ballet La Fille Mal Gardée premiered in 1789, and where a young Marius Petipa staged some of his first ballets. The Grand Theatre, both historically as well as today, has always been a living part of the city with cafes and boutiques in the ground floor. Come for the classic beauty of the building and stay for the coffee. More information here: