Feynan Ecolodge

Desert adventure lodge

Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan, Asia & Middle East


Rustic, off the grid Feynan Ecolodge is located next to spectacular mountains and Wadi Dana, home to some of humanity’s first communities, since about 4,000 BC. It’s a destination that offers a plethora of unique and authentic experiences engrained in nature, culture, history, astronomy, and culinary – all with authentic Bedouin hospitality. From hiking, trekking and cross-cultural exchange with local communities for adventure lovers to candle lit dinners and stargazing on panoramic rooftop terrace for romantic travellers.

Rooms: 26

Opening year: 2005

Last renovation: ongoing yearly renovation


  • Generates 100% of its own electricity through solar/photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on the roof top and electricity is stored in batteries. Only essential electrical appliances are used. The kitchen, washrooms and office are the only areas with electrical lighting using low energy LED bulbs. Appliances such as the refrigerators in the kitchen are Energy Star (US rating) or A/A+ (EU rating) certified. Laundry is air dried. Fans in the rooms and common areas are energy efficient.
  • Sources its water from local spring near Wadi Dana. Kitchen water use is strictly controlled while aerators limit water flow from room faucets.
  • Waste and sewage water at is treated. Combined with food waste from the kitchen, the end result of the system is clean water that is used to irrigate 80 new native plants around the lodge, and biogas that is used in the kitchen for cooking, reducing the need for propane gas.

Community interactions:

  • Employs all of its staff from the local communities surrounding the Dana Biosphere Reserve. This helps to generate much needed income for surrounding communities in an area where there are few jobs and poverty is an issue. In addition, the candle-making and leather workshops on site give women in the community the opportunity to work to help support their families and showcase their art.
  • Local drivers provide shuttle services to and from the lodge in their own pickups in their free time. All the money paid by the guests for this service is given to the driver. This service benefits more than 45 families from the local Bedouin community
  • The Bedouin cultural experiences, such as the ‘Bedouin experience’ and the ‘Day with a shepherd’, give guests insight into the Bedouin traditional way of living and provide 17 families from the local community with additional economic support.

Certifications: not yet

Management: local owner, local management