El Silencio Lodge & Spa

Cloud forest eco Lodge

Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica, North America


El Silencio is a back to nature eco-friendly luxury lodge for travellers who love their comforts and high quality pampering. It encompasses a 200-hectare private cloud forest reserve for those who love to explore mysterious rainforests looking for hidden waterfalls. It is great for honeymoon, family vacation or wellness travel.

Rooms: 24

Opening year: 2008

Last renovation: 2020


  • El Silencio has offered guests a signature tree-planting experience that prompts a hands-on connection to the land and Costa Rica’s conservation spirit  
  • The Costa Rican Government has authorized El Silencio to harness the energy of the flowing water of the Gorrión River.  This mini-hydro generator will supply at least 40% of the hotel’s needs with clean energy
  • The revamped Hummingbird Garden and Meliponary are two close-to-heart projects that seek to fuel the proliferation of the planet’s tiniest birds and local stingless honey bees.  Both projects are key to the pollinating processes of the forest

Community interactions:

  • Their proximity to Sarchí facilitates community-oriented activities that highlight Costa Rica’s UNESCO-recognized cultural tradition as expressed by oxcart art.  As the country’s “cradle of artisan craftsmanship” Sarchí is a must-visit destination, they offer a unique Oxcart Painting Session that pairs visitors with in-house artist in a fun session that teaches the techniques and motifs of oxcart painting
  • Their gastronomic activity allows travellers to visit local community kitchens to enjoy non-scripted interactions to connect with authentic culture through flavors, aromas, and delicious textures
  • Employment in hospitality, better road infrastructure, improved human services, and local purchases have bolstered the region’s quality of life

Certifications: Costa Rica’s official Sustainable Tourism Certification, Blue Flag program.  

Management: international owner, local management