Drottingholms Slottsteater
Experience music in its original 18th century setting.

Drottingholm, Sweden, Europe

Built in 1766, the opera house, Drottningholm Palace Theatre, has mostly remained in its original state making it one of the few 18th century opera houses still in use. True, the candles have been replaced by soft electric lighting, but everything else, from the audience’s wooden benches, to the décor have only been cleaned and touched up. Adding to its uniqueness, most of the original stage machinery is still intact, and operated by hand. Some of the machines are for special effects like a wave machine consisting of giant painted corkscrews that are turned to simulate a rough sea, a thunder machine to create storm sound effects, and… a flying chair. The sparse and humble exterior hides an intricate interior which uses trompe l'oeil, papier-mâché, and stucco to imitate more expensive materials like marble and gold. The tranquillity and beauty of this setting is unmatched and provide the perfect background for baroque and classical music. If you are visiting Stockholm, take a detour to Drottningholm Palace and step back in time, into another world far from hustle and bustle of the city. More information here:https://dtm.se/