Cuvilliés Theatre
Intimate and luxurious.

Munich, Germany, Europe

A small intimate theatre, seating only 523 viewers, the Cuvilliés Theatre (or Old Residence Theatre) in Munich, Germany, stands out as the most beautiful baroque opera house. Built inside a palace in the heart of Munich, the theatre was inaugurated in 1753. The red and gold décor draws inspiration from the plant world, imitating flowers, trees and fruits with impeccable precision. During WWII the theatre was dismantled and preserved, only to be rebuilt with a few modifications elsewhere in the palace. After another renovation, Mozart’s Idomeneo was chosen for the premiere performance in 2008. This was a symbolic choice as the theatre was the place where Mozart originally performed the opera for the very first time. Today the Cuvilliés Theatre is home to productions by the Bavarian State Opera, particularly small-scale operas and chamber music concerts. It continues to draw audiences with its lush interior and stunning acoustics. ore information here: