Coliseum London
A rich history to match the theatre's rich design.

London, UK, Europe

The Coliseum is known as the “second” opera house in London, familiar mostly to local audiences. It is the opposite to the Royal Opera House in every way – from the atmosphere, to the language of performances, to the architecture. Opening in 1904, it is typically Edwardian in style, and stands out as the largest theatre in London seating 2,358 people. A spectacular luminous globe on its edifice is visible from far and wide. The interior matches the enticing exterior – lavish Baroque design, domed canopies, sculptural groups with lion-drawn chariots, to name but a few highlights. It was also the most technically advanced theatre for its time – the first in Europe to use lifts, one of the first in London to be lit by electricity, and it had an impressive revolving stage installed. The Coliseum’s rich history just adds to its charm and local importance – the theatre has housed everything from a mess hall for soldiers during WWII, to an MGM cinema. Today it is home to the English National Opera and the English National Ballet. Don’t miss this hidden gem – soak up its dignified history and lush design. More information here: