Casa Silencio

Mezcal & design hotel

Xaagá, Mexico, North America


Located an hour from Oaxaca, on the outskirts of the Mitla archaeological site—Casa Silencio is an isolated retreat for spirits enthusiasts. Ultimate relaxation for design orientated soft adventurers who desire to immerse themselves in the world of rare editions of Mezcal, a hand-crafted spirit made from agave. Property provides tasting excursions and distillery tours accompanied by views of the surrounding desert and looming mountains.

Rooms: 6

Opening year: 2021


  • All energy is powered by solar panels.
  • The property’s water reuse systems utilize the run-off from the rivers that cross the area to feed the mezcal production plant, hotel and restaurant. Additionally, a system of recirculation and purification of water recuperates the liquid used in the distillation process to reuse it. There are cisterns that store drinkable water, and the system of sewage treatment uses biodigesters.
  • A Policy of “Closed Door” Architecture: embraces a principle of “closed door architecture” and embraces a ‘no-waste’ policy, meaning there is no garbage left on-site and every single material is repurposed in a functional form, even from the construction phase. The metallic formwork was reutilized to avoid the disposal of wood. The earth used in the walls was obtained from the excavations for the foundation work. All the platforms used to prop the building’s elements were recycled in the ceilings, while the leftover wood beams were given new life as furniture.

Community interactions:

  • Around 90% of staff members are from to the local community.
  • Participating actively with the local government in projects/donations that help with the development of the community such as: Mother’s Day, local festivities, graduations, etc.

Certifications: none

Management: international owner, local management