Cafe Central
Sometimes publishes its own recordings

Madrid,Spain, Europe

In 2018, Café Central celebrated 36 years, more than 13,000 concerts and more than one million attendees. Then, the "young" friends who rented a beautiful place with large windows in the Plaza del Ángel that had been one of the best shops in Madrid understood that only quality could give them the support of an audience. All styles of jazz, all possible fusions, all variants of music have found a place here, the only condition being quality.
The prestigious British magazine WIRE, the American jazz magazine Down Beat, the British newspaper The Guardian, all have noticed and given it listings.
However, its not only jazz that has fed the emotions of the audience of the Central concerts. “We wanted to be open We wanted to be open to different styles, but equally great. This attitude has allowed us to feature popular singers of the quality of Maria del Mar Bonet, Javier Krahe, Javier Ruibal, Martirio, Eliseo Parra, Ruper Ordorika, Lucrezia, Zenet, Natalia Dicenta, Guinga, Fátima Guedes ... and, even other genres such as Ensemble Nuevo Tango, Ara Malikian and José Antonio Ramos, not to mention Roce de las Almas, who brought the world of flamenco and fado closer together. Everyone, jazz and not jazz, gives the world a soundtrack worthy of a life”. More information here: