Berliner Philharmonie
Inventive design meets world-class sound.

Berlin, Germany, Europe

Built in 1963 in West Berlin, the Berlin Philharmonie has become an important part of Berlin’s cultural life. During the construction of the concert hall, the Berlin Wall was erected only a few hundred metres away. The hall’s striking yellow colour and tent-like shape is unusual, and naturally sparked controversy when it was first opened, but is now an inextricable part of the city’s architecture. It is not, however, just the exterior which is remarkable. The design of the interior is uniquely crafted so as to create the best possible acoustic conditions. From its pentagon-shaped concert hall, to its irregularly spaced seating arrangement, the Berlin Philharmonie has come to influence concert halls the world over. Little wonder then that the concert hall’s resident orchestra, the Berlin Philharmoniker, has long been ranked among the best orchestras in the world considering their working conditions. Today, the concert hall still stands out as a visionary piece of architecture, and a hallmark of the classical music world. More information here: