Bawah Reserve

Private island resort

Pulau Bawah, Indonesia, Asia & Middle East


Bawah Reserve is for those who seek a private tropical retreat. This island is a tiny dense jungle encircled by white-sand beaches, with nothing but the ocean stretching into the horizon for eco-conscious traveller looking for luxury without any overbearing frills. Just snorkeling, paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing, hiking to a bat cave and discovering the island’s wildlife on one of walking trails.

Rooms: 36

Opening year: 2018

Last renovation: 2021


  • The design of Bawah was based on a ‘minimal impact’ approach – only clearing what was needed along the shore of the main island, undertaking works without machinery and using bamboo and other locally sourced natural building materials such as stone that was quarried on the island for making into stairs, paths and foundations
  • Rainwater is collected from the roofs of staff accommodation blocks and other back of house buildings and carefully stored for later use. Drinking water is also created using a desalination plant
  • There is an ongoing reforestation project to irrigate and grow a new forest in areas where the canopy has become depleted
  • Two marine biologists are employed on the island, who have so far built 10 coral tree nurseries, growing a total of 600 with staghorn coral fragments, 21 artificial reefs (hexadomes) are in the process of being installed
  • Fishing around the islands is prohibited, and approximately 16 tonnes of discarded fishing nets and plastic have been removed from local reefs. Guests can get involved in these conservation efforts too, with opportunities to work alongside the marine biologists, and to observe work being done to protect marine turtles

Community interactions:

  • The Bawah Anambas Foundation (BAF) was created in April 2018 to help conserve and expand the biodiversity in the Anambas Islands through a marine conservation program aimed at protecting the coral and fish on the surrounding barrier reef and a land-based conservation program, as well as lifting the communities’ welfare.

Certifications: WWF-Indonesia

Management: local owner, local management