Baglio Occhipinti

Countryside estate

Sicily, Italy, Europe


Baglio Occhipinti is in the middle of the six UNESCO heritage sites in Sicily with over ten hectares of the Ragusana countryside. It offers an authentic experience of diving into real Italian farmhouse life. Here guests can choose a tranquil and peaceful rest by the poolside or long walks along vineyards and among olive trees. If you are more into active exploring then choose one of the activities provided by Occhipinti family starting from the cooking class to make your own home-made pasta or collect fresh vegetables, fruits, lemons in their gardens, listening to the history of the estate from its owners.

Rooms: 12

Opening year: 2018

Last renovation: 2023


  • Installed solar panels which completely cover the needs for electricity supply
  • Land is farmed organically and according to biodynamic practices. Also producing organic fertilizer, made through composting
  • Running a small shop on the properties’ site to display locally made products: soap made with extra virgin olive oil, small bags scented with aromatic plants, preserves, jams and the famous extra virgin olive oil. Guests will also find a selection of typical Caltagirone ceramics, t-shirts and aprons.

Community interactions:

  • Employing only local people and constantly supporting other organic growers and farmers in the area by using their produce and encouraging their philosophy

Certifications: “4 Spike Farm Official recognition” and “Organic Farm”

Management: local owner, local management