ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

A immersive art experience.

Aarhus, Denmark, Europe

The ARoS Kunstmuseum, in Aarhus, Denmark was established in 1859. It is the oldest public art museum in Denmark outside Copenhagen. ARoS has a large art collection, a selection of which is always on display in the museum halls. Located in the basement is The 9 Spaces, a gallery of installation art. The number 9 refers to Dante Alighieri's nine circles of hell. The experience of the museum reflects this reference, as the rooms of The 9 Spaces are painted black, and the roof terrace is a substitute for the divine light – walking through the entire museum is like a journey from hell to heaven. The culmination is an installation by Ólafur Elíasson, Your Rainbow Panorama. This is a circular skywalk on the roof of the building which provides a beautiful rainbow-tinted view of Aarhus, and plenty of photo ops.More information here