Contemporary safari lodge

Haripur Village, Gujarat, India, Asia & Middle East


Aramness is an Indian safari experience, with a village-style lodge entrenched in the local culture, designed for travellers who enjoys authenticity and luxury in equal measure as well as a wildlife experience. Activities vary from jungle walks in the teak forest, and visits to a Maldhari family in their home, to sampling delicious Gujarati food and relaxing at the spa. Nature travel for a family vacation or a wellness holiday.

Rooms: 18

Opening year: 2021


  • Since the start of the project, around 5000 indigenous trees have been planted around lodge territory
  • Recycling 75% of grey water through installed Sewage Treatment Plant and Laundry Effluent Treatment Plant, and use it to water plants inside lodge
  • Kitchen waste is used in Biogas plant, which converts waste into biofertilizer, which is then used in Edible Garden
  • First hospitality company in Gir to install an in-house water bottling plant to further support eradicating single-use plastic

Community interactions:

  • Providing solar panels to Maldhari Ness within the forest
  • Compensation on loss of cattle due to a lion, reducing chances of man-animal conflict
  • Re-location of villagers outside wildlife prone areas/sanctuary by giving them respective compensation
  • Rescue Center for big cats and other animals
  • Conducting awareness programs on wildlife in Gir, especially the Asiatic lions

Certifications: not yet

Management: local owner, local management