The not so dirty secrets of Travel Advisors
or a key to travellers’ love and trust
By Aldis Kuskis & Brigita Stroda
“As a travel industry veteran with 50 years experience, I found this book to be very informative and rather entertaining.  It was also quirky in parts and controversial in places, probably deliberately, so as to provoke some readers into further analysis of the information being presented. Despite a lifetime in travel. I was delighted to learn some new things (every day is a school day!) and also to be challenged by some of the comments and observations of the authors.”
Jes Paine
Founder of DMC World Representatives, United Kingdom
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“For travel agents (and other travel professionals) who are interested in becoming travel designers, this is a very valuable tool. It is evocative and encyclopedic in scope, very well written and easy to read.”
Susan Farewell
Owner of Farewell Travels LLC, Connecticut, USA
“This is a fascinating insight into bespoke authentic travel with utmost regard for minimal footprint  and sustainable conscious travel. This body of work is a great read for those travel designers wishing to upscale their knowledge and level of understanding and service to truly deliver their clients dream. If you wish to gain a greater insight into the “hows” of becoming a better Travel Designer or open up  your thought processes to travelling better and experience more enriching personalised journeys to the most consummate adventures then this book is for you.”
Jennifer Mikkelsen
Travel Designer at Travel Managers, Australia
Aldis Kuskis
Author & Travel Designer
Aldis Kušķis has been involved in the travel industry for more than 20 years. Starting with managing an around-the-world sailing project at the turn of the century, to defending the interests of the European tourism industry and its citizens on the Committee on Transport and Tourism as a Member of the European Parliament 2004–09.
He is now an extremely well-connected travel designer creating tailor-made itineraries for cultural adventurers and sophisticated travellers.
Brigita Stroda
Co-Author & Crown Maker
Brigita Stroda’s first taste of the travel industry was in the management team of the Melbourne International Festival. Working as chatelaine of a large château in the Loire Valley, France, was a very valuable second.
More then 30 years in tourism, hospitality and the arts includes managing the Latvian Tourism Information Bureau in London and Membership of the European Cultural Parliament.